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Sys Admin and Network Tools

Ubiquiti AirCam Scraper v1.0

Got some Ubnt AirCam's on your network that you'd love to share with the world?  Easy, use our AirCam Scraper to easily configure which camera's to collect the images from and where to save them to and at what interval.  Operates as a windows service so that you don't need to be logged in for the cam's to be updating.  Includes an easy to use GUI configuration application allowing you to easily add and change camera's.

$99.00 US

Large Text Viewer v1.0

We're sure that almost every IT Admin out there has, at one point or another, needed to read the last few or beginning few lines of an extremely large text file; only to find that Notepad just won't cut it!  Well now your troubles are over!  With this little application (and seriously little, it's only 12.5KB) you can read [n] lines from the beginning or end of multi-gigabyte files in seconds.

Currently support *.txt, *.log and *.xml files.

$19.95 US

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